Lennie Herd

Lennie Herd Not all of our best 1950’s musicians became professional.

For some the tug of war between the music they loved and a promising business career was excruciating. And several pragmatically put stability first.

They were to become the backbone of British provincial jazz.

If Lennie Herd had not decided to pursue his successful career in management accounting, there is absolutely no doubt that he would have been one of the country’s most sought-after mainstream trumpet players.

Instead his activities have been largely limited to the Scottish central belt, where he has been undisputed champion for 45 years.

He belongs to that select band of musicians whose style spans generations of taste and who is equally comfortable – and convincing – in New Orleans, dixieland or swing company.


Sample - Lennie doing what he does best....


For more than 40 years Lennie Herd has been the first choice for anyone who wanted the hottest dixieland trumpeter in the country.

in at the start of the trad boom in Scotland in 1959, he was one of the founders, along with Alastair McDonald, of the much admired band of George Penman.

He has since featured with countless bands across the UK including the Scottish Jazz All Stars, the New Orleans Joymakers and Alastair’s Clan MacJazz.

He chose to combine a career in financial management with his playing and this gave rise to years of working abroad and consequent opportunities to play in bands in France and the USA.

Lennie has played with a number of Britain’s best musicians including George Chisholm, Alan Barnes, Terry Lightfoot, and Humphrey Lyttleton.

A founder board member of the Glasgow International Jazz Festival and currently serving in a similar capacity on the board of the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.

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