Alistair McDonald

Alistair McDonald

The ebullient figure of Alastair McDonald first appeared in the late 1950’s with the George Penman band.

He has since carved out a highly successful career in the entertainment world with his breezy folk and gospel oriented shows, although he has never forsaken his first love, jazz.

Alastair is one of Scotland’s most loved, most talented and most versatile showbiz personalities

But although he is the show business face of Quattro MacJazz with his light-hearted vocals, the reduced size of the rhythm section requires him not only to supply a clear and accurate harmonic blanket but also to compensate for the absence of drums by dint of an uninterrupted springy beat, demonstrating what a seasoned pro he is.

Sample - Vocal by Alastair at breakneck speed of Chesapeake Bay

Alastair`s radio & TV credits are too numerous to list here, as are his record releases, but his vast range of recorded material can be viewed at : Alistair McDonald - Releases


A highly renowned international performer, singer, song-writer, recording artist and broadcaster - Alastair often humbly describes himself as a "banjo player". But his fellow musicians recognise him as the hottest banjo player around belying all those anti-banjo stories with which Alastair often entertains his audiences.

This talent was recognised as far back as 1962 when he scooped the best banjoist award at the North of Scotland Jazz Festival.

Alastair has been a performer on a full time basis since 1972 and has built up a successful career not only in his native Scotland, but on numerous occasions has been invited to take his own style of musical entertainment to locations as diverse as USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Thailand, East Africa, the Arab Emirates and even Auchtermuchty.


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